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Standing on God’s shoulders, thinking, creative, confident, can do it

my website has been more than two months, there is always hope a feeling of success, specifically why they said not too clear, although the subject of this article is "standing on the shoulders of God to" creative, but I do not have what good ideas, just want to have to think about before some of the problems of the grassroots webmaster station.

haven’t been taking care of my website for a few days, because I have entered a misunderstanding. I always want to build my station, but I still haven’t found a good way. These days, I have seen a lot of successful cases and video materials after 80 generations of network business. I want to share my feelings with everyone.

The first is the establishment of

, to the user to see, must stand in the user’s point of view to consider whether you build the station is required by the user, and the purpose of the site is in order to better serve customers, but not what they want to do, what a novel idea to go with. Do not take into account their own website news, today Internet sensation, tomorrow will fly low. That is to say, all site building ideas should be considered from the user’s point of view. Why is the current 51 network in the Tencent to cover the entire market based on the creation of 160000 new users per day registration, which is where the creativity.

second, the station should have a real understanding of the customer’s habits before they can be implemented. What are the people’s habits? Just like Chinese people use chopsticks, and Americans use knives and forks. Humanization of the website is the most critical, some people say that the site to do humanization, the need for funds, no funds to do not adult sex, I do not mind. Indeed, it takes a lot of money to make a website, but I feel that money is never a problem as long as your website’s creativity is very humane and of practical value. It’s not a mature move to take money without saying it’s human.

third do have when the grandson of the mind, be good at listening to their own opinion, but also to be good at absorbing the opinions of others, to solicit friends together to discuss their own website. When people give you advice, whether right or wrong, must not stand alone, with due respect, and others, non pressure rendered speechless. To know that everyone has their merits, not himself is supreme.

fourth, to be good at expressing their views, this does not conflict with the third, that is to say, if we want to do a website, let more people to know what they do is what kind of website, to give users a clear advantage of their own advantages and website, let the public to recognize this person and you your site.

this is my rice bean network (www.midou45.com) on the line since the feelings, really want to share these things, because the hands are idle, so there is no time to write, why write this up here today is because last night in the 809 generation station group and a few webmaster chat only feeling, may we read the feeling of childish. But it’s all >


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