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The future is a popular occupation called Amoy

contact guest is completely accidental, almost a month to come into contact with the Wangzhuan, began to study this, read a lot, like what register Wangzhuan ah, click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan ah ah, mail and so on, that these projects are not what you can do. But my good luck, I found a golden idea forum at the beginning of eight, saw a yellow teacher’s article, began to have direction, do Wangzhuan for newcomers to do GG advertising is a good choice, then is to apply for a blog every day, to apply for GG advertising after half a month, not approved it, and asked to know the GG advertising difficult now the application, no way seems to walk this road temporarily GG advertising does not work, only to find another way to reach the guest.

In fact, before

also saw " " Tao; these two words, but did not pay attention, this time to contact guest, because after a period of learning, it is faintly feel that it is an opportunity for.

why do you say that? Let me give you an analysis of

1. Amoy bridge Taobao business and non Taobao users, now taobao.com has nearly 40 million registered users, and Chinese users have 2.5 million, so 2 hundred million of the non users who rely on Taobao to give them publicity here are good and cheap goods, the answer is Taoke. Every corner of the Tao can let taobao.com merchants merchandise information spread to the Internet, which is equal to at least let taobao.com market at six times, a guest, who struggle with the peak of.


2. Amoy bridge Taobao businesses and users of the line, China has 250 million Internet users, but there are 1 billion 300 million people China ah, how to do it out of more than 1 billion Internet crowd? No problem, a guest can, with guest, life is very relaxed, imagine, who had no relatives and friends, who no laws, generally everyone know at least 250 people, of course, good interpersonal relationship, understanding 500, 1000 is normal, this time a network of veins is money, if 100 of the 250 people you know, they want to consume, all to you here to buy it. Well, you are the guest. Taobao.com is the guest warehouse, to a mobile phone to mobile phone, ring ring, as long as you need, you go to the store seems to tell me what to buy, what type of brand, I’m going to buy you buy cheaper than the store, to ensure their own. Earn commissions. Relatives and friends are also happy, to the satisfaction of all, because it is cheap and good, will definitely find you, of course, daily necessaries, let him go to the supermarket and bought.

this time, in fact every guest is a taobao.com, taobao.com connects the China 1 billion 300 million people by Tao guest can powerful ah, so that the Tao is really a landmark initiative, Ma can build the pipeline China Amoy, Amoy is the transfer station of the pipeline, pipeline it can flow to the Ma there is money ah, also suggest that we must look at the story of > < pipeline; and the network >


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