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Tang Jun the nternet has become integrated with water, electricity, coal and gas

global economy winter background, IT industry can stand alone? How to save the winter in the case of global IT investment cuts, in December 7th, the computer world Internet annual meeting held in beijing. Sohu IT as 2008IT designated cooperation partner of the two sessions, the event was a live graphic broadcast. Following is the president of Xinhua Group and Mr. Tang Jun, CEO keynote speech.


grew up with a habit of writing letters to others because writing letters was more environmentally friendly. I still remember the first letter that I wrote, when I was in grade three in primary school, the receiver was the girl of my deskmate. The letter was written in a note that I had secretly delivered to her pencil case while she was away. The content of the letter is too childish and too private to be announced. As a result, the female student handed my letter to the head teacher. The head teacher called my father to the school. Tell my father how precocious your family is, Tang Jun. Grade three will think so many things.

my father said, "we don’t know either. In fact, we have created a better environment for Tang Jun, and there is not even a girl in the family.". The teacher said, this must be genetic, this time my father is silent relative consequences, I believe that girl is still regret now.

I really started writing letters. When I was in my senior year of college, the recipient was the girl next door. The content of the letter was on the Internet. I didn’t say much. As a result, every day I saw her smiling with two children. She must have thought that she had not given the letter to the school leader. Later, I read the magazine that people who wrote letters first were introverted and second were more low-key people. Tang Jun is low-key, not low-key, there is a lot of controversy in society, but at least Tang Jun belongs to the personality is introverted, so my only means of communication is to write letters to others.

in 2008 February 12th, I wrote a letter to Gates, when I heard that Gates’s Microsoft Corp to buy Yahoo Corp this is the wrong decision, for Internet companies, we talked about the Internet companies and traditional industry is completely different, not through the acquisition of the way to achieve the user’s expansion, extension reach your product line, you can’t make up the defects of the Internet with the traditional 1+1=2 mode. So I told Gates that it was a mistake with my experience acquired in the past four years in the Internet, I believe that Microsoft Corp even if the acquisition is successful, YAHOO and paid $58 billion to the acquiring company is not worth the money, because there is no Internet users is not sticky, Internet users every day the user is not run over the acquisition of Internet users, we in the field and Microsoft merger is less than 2 1+1, when I see from the Internet when Microsoft Corp decided to abandon the acquisition of YAHOO, I got a comfort, I think Gates is reading my letter.

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