Ask the station where is the way out

website, when the webmaster also has a year, and my mood should be as many new webmaster, not met and search engine sweet period, just to catch up with the strike hard period. As everyone knows, regardless of whether the web site is to Taobao customers to promote profit, or rely on advertising or do their own product profitability, need the support of the search engine, the dominance of Baidu in China, basically is to rely on Baidu ranking bring flow.

, but in the second half of 2012, Baidu began a long-term crackdown management, one after another web site down, the webmaster can be described as miserable. Is there a month to recover the hacked websites, some three or four months or half a year to put out, put out the site keywords ranking basically to oblivion, not a trace. There is a time I want to give up the chicken ribs stationmaster, but with several site of experience, suddenly found to do a website or to follow the law, the webmaster does not regard the jobs lost. Here, simply share with you I do some of the site summary of experience.

experience sharing, do a good job of web content,

users visit your website in order to get what they want, rather than looking at your simple list of product information. For example, when I did the Ma Li Wu Home Furnishing net, find a lot of information, but also specifically went to the library to borrow books in Home Furnishing, so Ma Li House website, there are a lot of decoration and Home Furnishing is closely related to the content of the knowledge, when users visit the site can learn a lot of knowledge. There are structure, maintenance, sofa like sofa decorative style of such knowledge, I have to finish, a little bit to sum up, do keep the original article, more users need to get information. Only in this way can you retain your users before you notice what you want to promote them. Otherwise, the homepage of the website is full of dazzling products, few people should be interested in it.

experience sharing two, to maintain the high quality of the site outside the chain

the importance of the chain to a website, I don’t need to say more. Now many webmaster only the pursuit of the number of the chain, the quality will be careless with. Go to the website of the chain Webmaster Tools query, yesterday may be 7000, today is 2000, tomorrow may become 5000, the chain of stability to a large extent, led to the website ranking is not stable, will become the first search engine to clear the object. The chain should pay attention to high quality, even if you do 10 a day, or even 5 high quality of the chain, also don’t do dozens of hundreds of good and bad of the chain. Be careful when making links, and some low quality websites may drag you to death. The amount of the chain as much as possible in less than 3000, through the signature of the chain of the less the better, high quality of the chain to bring by soft article, you must master master.

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