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Micro shop what are the key and skills in determining target consumer groups

open business, the ultimate goal is to sell products and services to customers, entity store so, micro shop is no exception. Products are used to meet customer needs, no demand for people will not buy. If the store does not know their product is suitable for the types of consumer groups blindly marketing for all people, will inevitably lead to effective marketing work.

so, before the formal operation in the micro shop, especially before the micro shop product marketing to sell products or sold to consumers who which has become a must take seriously, this is the localization of the target consumer groups problem.


can be achieved in a certain industry successful companies or businesses often have a clear target consumer groups, and even the same kind of products in the enterprise management is the positioning of the target consumer groups are different. For example, Lei Jun and Luo Yonghao are doing mobile phone, but the hammer mobile phone positioning Luo Yonghao’s target consumer groups are those who have the same old and human feelings, the pursuit of quality of life of the city elite; and Lei Jun millet mobile phone, the positioning of the target consumer groups are those friends who have a fever, and for people who have a fever.

then, do you have any success in the field of micro shops? The answer is certainly yes, and there is more than one. Even they are ordinary people. Here we have a look at the success in the field of micro store, Kazakhstan dad is how to do?.

February 24, 2014, the distance ha dad open micro shop less than a month’s time, but this is a day for HA dad is a very memorable day — only one morning sales reached nearly 15 thousand yuan, while the sales of up to 33 thousand yuan. The second day, due to the purchase of micro shop buyers too much, to two o’clock in the afternoon, the micro store goods are all sold out, in a shortage state, so Kazakhstan dad finally can only commodity shelves.

soon, Dad ha micro shop into 33 thousand yuan news spread like wildfire in Internet to raise a Babel of criticism of. At first, many people, after hearing the story of his father’s business, often said in admiration, "ha, PA, this man must be a shrewd businessman.". But later, when someone interviewed dad, he said he was not a businessman, and even said he did not understand the operation of the micro shop, he would only do the content, to recommend their products to fans only. So, Dad ha fans are what people? Ha dad is the micro shop business "picture books children’s books", he began to first determine their fans, those mothers, because they are most in need of this kind of children’s book group. Then, Kazakhstan dad began to continue to develop their own public number fans by WeChat, released on parenting and family marriage articles and promotion information through the forum, QQ group and other channels, and in which add their own public number. After his own insistence, ha’s efforts have brought him more fans, that is, more customers. So, Dad’s little shop is open, >


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