How to be an attitude from the media

operation WeChat public number one year fast, from zero fans to 100 thousand real users, are walking down step by step. Specially wrote this article to share my operation mentality and the feeling, hoped that has the slight help to everybody. No matter how hard it is to be a self media in that field, we should first of all make sure that our attitude is positive, our attitude is low, and our modality is stable. Do not impatient early, I would like to operate a month to do one hundred thousand users, you are not a star, not a celebrity, there is no need to imagine such shortcuts. Next, I analyze my operation ideas and feelings:

1, product positioning

do fine, fine, the first is positioning. We locate movie products, which belong to popular entertainment products. Next is the market analysis, research, analysis of the industry, which have done better, and what should be done to improve, should be detailed list, carried out a detailed analysis of the study. After repeated research and thinking, the heart will have a preliminary understanding of the industry from the media, and then we began to enter this field.

is the first professional attribute name, the name can be eye-catching, play a good communication effect, for example, since our media name is followed by the movie fan, micro signal set, here is the key, easy to remember whether micro signal will affect the promotion of late, of course, short and easy to remember name has already been registered. That’s OK. We can do it ourselves. For example, the micro signal imoviefan of movie fans can be interpreted as "I’m a movie fan". The name and the micro signal are united as a whole, so long as you see it, you won’t forget it.

two, product optimization,

has good products and needs good operation. The first is the public number set, now on the market to sell a lot of the third party platform, we can look at a little, select the appropriate platform system, using the system conveniently, third party development powerful, can save a lot of time. The number of public settings, the most important or keyword reply, here in detail under the key words reply. Users pay attention to you, pay attention to the response, to briefly explain how to play your public number, how to let users access to public information related to, your public number what highlights, concerns and other related information. Keywords setting should be simple and fun, do not engage in a lot of English or words, such as: "before marriage" must see "life must see ten film" "you must know the truth in life ten" like this, users don’t have much time to search, so set, it must pass the product experience. The simplest keywords are not more than 4 words, or use the Arabia numbers and letters instead. To save time for your users, your product is valuable.

three, product operation

on the operation, the first is content, followed by promotion, and then data analysis, complementary integration, the lack of one can not.

from the media, do not know how to edit and write content, which is tantamount to blind lights, basic skills, solid training, and then hit the road. Initially, collect and write related articles based on product attributes


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