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A college entrance exam will soon be a bit of experience

contact A5 is like 07 years, also in two years time, sometimes up to look at each will have a harvest, recently due to health reasons, so rest at home for a month, this month just in time for his original ideas, good long time ago to do a college entrance examination class website after all, this should also be done to bring their own drink money, lazy himself dragged on for two years without action, if two years ago began to do, of course now monthly pocket money can still go to, no, if this is the world. Therefore, if you do stand, have ideas and plan well, you should put it into action immediately. Stick to it. Any website will have a future. Of course, life can be solved when the premise, do not advocate to give up everything, and put all hopes on the site, so there will be too much pressure, no man is perfect, under the weight of the mentality will be affected, so the ideal is to establish in reality.

because of their current work reasons (University Teacher), summer vacation has also done college entrance examination and other aspects of the work, so the college entrance examination will have a deeper understanding. Hei hei, including the so-called unspoken rules and the like. Doing college entrance examination network again put on their agenda, because in the university work is really free time (I don’t engage in scientific research), and this month’s holiday is good for college entrance examination station, after all, the entrance exam half a month later. Ha ha, just like this, my website was born, the university entrance examination hundred percent net.

himself is a Liberal Arts (political science and Administration), and basically related to the network, but for some reasons, contact the network, the next article to write. But for now the basic network is a small bird. Site selected Dede source code, in the A5 to find people imitation board, made a general idea. Behind on their own to mend the perfect board, the data can only be collected over the pseudo original. Because time is too late, and he is a person. Here are a few simple column, say about the experience of this website.

1, to persevere, insist on doing it seriously. In fact, the website in March when ready templates, also collected some data, but that time without too much effort, also easy, when in April to replace the domain name, and no movement, the beginning of May, the day the efficiency is not high, ha ha, because his girlfriend and their living together, even her he said, she and I together will influence me to do things. So the problem we deal with immersed in love is to do mind. The site is now like this, and I am similar to nervous, with several dedicated half a day, perfect. The last week is still good, every day to update, so the site slowly began to search engine friendly, included a bit. It’s good to have it.


template to improve the website, although there will be changes, but also to improve the existing template, call planning to do, to avoid the overall layout affected, I am now looking for someone to do the template, then did not care, now found in some places is not reasonable, of course, not to say that people do not level >


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