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A good domain name will be a good competitive edge

many people know that site can make money, so many know some network technology, began to make their own site. The beginning of the production site, if not for their own interests, but purely in order to make money, then how to grasp and select the main content and direction of the content of the site, often will become a headache thing.

to each station forum careful inquiry and observation, there are various opinions, hot and cold station have very successful, but is popular keywords often already intense competition, but the competition is not the content of technology; and relatively popular keywords, and do a good job of content acquisition, so there will be significant traffic. But if you do hot keywords, but also to do all major sites, and even portal sites are strongly delayed plate content, then do such small websites like this can succeed


many people will feel very difficult, first of all, whether you collected much content, Baidu and GG are difficult to make your web pages in the front row, no matter how much you do optimization, work hard, because these portals and professional site has to do a lot of content is very wide, but also more new very fast, so it is difficult for you to get into the flow.

was it a complete defeat then? No, of course not.

good domain names are sometimes worth a lot of professional optimization, and they don’t have many negative impacts or dangers. Moreover, in China, there is a huge advantage of other E countries, that is, the spelling of the domain name can bring relatively safe and generous treatment.

many people know, in Baidu into pinyin, Pinyin keywords will jump out of the course, these words are very popular, ever if your domain name is the popular keywords, then Baidu will do what


look at an example, the digital products website always can not leave the shopping guide and evaluation, and digital evaluation of the most popular is nothing more than three categories: mobile phones, MP3 and digital cameras. The technology is the highest relative digital cameras. Therefore, the digital camera shopping guide and evaluation has become a professional digital products website home care sector. You type in the baidu: "the camera evaluation" will see out of thousands on thousands of links, in the front row is always professional websites and portals, such as: Sohu, 163, Zhongguancun online, Pacific Digital, so if you do digital camera evaluation, it is difficult to compete over them.

, but there’s always a way. You type in Baidu: "xiangjiceping". Chinese people use pinyin at most, xiangjiceping is also a camera evaluation, but Baidu jumped out of the link is the other, and as a result, we look at it.

The result of

is that Baidu imports xiangjiceping into the www.xiangjiceping.com web site. >


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