Do SEO like riding a boat behind

We all know that

, do SEO a hard thing every day, or repeating some of the same work, especially for a new station or there are many flaws in the optimization of the stand, to pay more time and experience. SEOer after a few months or even a year of hard work, and finally the site rankings sit up, traffic is stable. At this time, a lot of SEOer that can be accomplished, rest, have this kind of idea, also can understand, after all work for a long time, rest well, but remember, don’t be too relaxed and not go to the tube. You know, SEO is not at the end of the process, the site optimization is like riding a boat behind. There’s a reason to say that. Let’s see,

first: search engine algorithms are constantly improving,

website ranking is down, there are a lot of reasons, such as search engine algorithms in constantly update, 2 days a small change, 3 days a major change continuously in the proportion change the various influence factors of ranking for the previous work experience, SEO, now can no longer practical. For example: previously ranked about the chain, only focus on quantity, and now pay attention to more should be quality. Before H1 text weight is very high, now has declined, and the picture of the ALT attribute weight gradually increased. Changes in these details can cause fluctuations in rankings. So, SEOer should pay attention to the search engine algorithm change, constantly sum up experience, always keep learning passion, so as to be in the optimization of the road in an invincible position.

second: if you don’t improve, your opponent will improve

whether it is a personal station or industry station, enterprise station, as long as it is a commercial website, that is, there are benefits, there will be a lot of competitors. We may be idle, and the opponent can not, they will not stop after us, more than us, we are relaxed, gave them a good opportunity to study time our website competitors will, then formulate the corresponding strategy, finally more than us. Therefore, SEOer must always pay attention to the opponent’s movements, to see what they are doing, to be behind the beaten mentality.

third: the user’s search habits will slowly change

with the popularity of broadband, more and more people through the search engine to find what you want, and with the increase of the user search experience, the search will be very short before the general word, now the search is some long words, and the average length of the search term is increasing, this is our current research of long tail keywords. So now the site is to pursue the user experience as the center. Only made the user likes, have affinity website, it is the website that has competition ability.

fourth: some industry’s attention is changing,

do SEO, can not do without hot spots, that is, to do some high attention to the industry, so that there will be traffic >


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