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A rational approach to standing no unconditional success

my independent Adsense career started from the station group, but again from the end of the station group. Sounds a bit convoluted, the fact is true, it is the station group let the trace of my occupation occurred two times larger change, nearly two years of standing group of operation experience let me on this innovative tool and do know stand more deeply, from the fascination with the initially treated stations even fever to return to reason my personal experience, believe that also occurs in many other webmaster friends, today write here to share with you, is not only the mark of their review and the experience, also expect to be able to give many stations are still on the wait-and-see attitude or doubt the webmaster to reference, so that you can view and understanding understand the station group, help you better do stand.

simply speaking, two years of experience in the operation of the station group, which has been successful, but also suffered setbacks, summed up in a word, is "operation station group", without unconditional success." Owners are eager to achieve the effect of making money through powerful stations, but can really make money or a few, the reason is the various factors that influence the effects and achievements to stations in the course of operation, if you do not have sufficient conditions, will be difficult to achieve the purpose of making money base station. Combined with my experience and experience, listed below I think more important conditions to share with you, can be used as a volunteer operation of the group of friends reference.

1. Is there a strict and powerful executive force,


do stand for a long time, I believe that many old webmaster will like me have a deep understanding about the importance of execution, the only operation of individual website stationmaster, on the site has entered into a stable stage after the impact of execution does not seem to be too serious, but for the operation of the standing webmaster is huge success or failure. We need to make stand group steps good development, need to plan each day each link content complete, including content acquisition and update the pseudo original, the chain site promotion and Links exchange and other matters necessary, if they do not have strict and strong execution, often can not stand too long will relax once form three days fishing nets two days of drying of bad habits will directly lead to the site in the optimization results of the backward, in the fierce competition to ranking, will only make you far more and more successful.

two, whether to master and innovate the operation skills of station group

can through the operation station group success often have characteristics can calm down to study, the first requirement for web site operators of all aspects of knowledge are more solid and comprehensive knowledge and experience, such as publishing and network of content, pseudo original site outside the chain construction, the construction site chain system so, to do these stations the optimization foundation is very important. Secondly, on the basis of this study also need to pay attention to the operation and innovation, combined with the actual test time and find some beneficial stations method optimization and promotion skills, for example, Baidu products use, on the use of soft Wen promotion and play, to maximize the effect, quick access to high-quality expansion > help website


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