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From the idea of learning characteristics after energy-saving positioning of the male website

actually do stand is not difficult, difficult in the distinctive "positioning" do stop, good location does not mean that you are successful, because the location can be small or large, very likely hit "bit", so in a similar "positioning" on "characteristic station" is more difficult.

stands for ground breaking, positioning is direction, characteristic is vitality. Features can stick to the hearts of users.

there are a lot of women websites on the Internet, such as Ruili Women’s web, Only Lady, red women, etc.. But if you ask for a male website, you even know little, if you give a distinctive Chinese male website, you are stunned. Oddly enough, why do women have so many websites, but fewer men?. In my opinion, many owners think that women are more likely to site commercial operation, because it is a young age. It’s a bad statement. Truly branded male websites are promising. That depends on how to do it,

energy-saving, is a very good "Chinese first male website, this website from production to the fine details of the optimization are hard, we can now look at http://s.nujian.net, you can see the station name Nu sword two characters knew, this station especially masculine, location is good, but how make their own characteristics? Energy-saving concept and inspiration especially creative, they caught the" blood "two words. Do not belittle this "hot blooded" two words, because these two words more can reveal the personality and the psychological characteristic of the men.

is a "hot blooded" itself is a very vague concept, how to make a man suitable for user experience, let users of energy-saving will see this webmaster site gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, thinking ability.

energy-saving male "warm blooded" features like:

a man around the truth, to create a theme and to create a "male positioning atmosphere", the force to catch a man’s "true", a word "nine Ding" dare to tell the truth of the sense of responsibility. No affectation, not pretentious, not fake the vinegar. Is the man the society needs.

two to build the thinking man, man dare to speak amazing words, "dull remarks for men in vain". This is a test of man’s wisdom. In our society, a man without views and ideas is difficult to survive. In the energy-saving you will see everywhere "offbeat man".

three to build the big man image, arouse a man’s sense of justice, Chinese man, there have been "at the sight of injustice" the habit, energy-saving topic, all around this core station, man Na seeking truth, "the true language of salvation", was the hero of the gas man. A real man is angry, the sword is uneven, even if no hand draw a sword and render help, knife, to "true language salvation", or do men

four does not evade the sensitive male psychological needs, it can become very clever energy-saving taste, pay attention to "gentlemen love color, a color". A man who does not look at a beauty is not a man, a man who does not respect a woman, not a man


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