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Double rent Zhiqiang server encountered unscrupulous DC

said this, last year I think a lot of people are very depressed, especially with my similar personal webmaster, last suddenly feeling very miserable, so in the Admin5 published some helpless heart under his own, I occupy the network without a single success decide on what path to follow? Have a lot of friends to give advice and help, here is thanks brother webmaster ~

, after the last article was published, I made a small decision to make a website like it, but at this point the nightmare suddenly came,.

After the

network in Chengdu compass company leased a pair of servers because they said Zhiqiang due, Chongqing telecom price is too expensive, said the Ziyang side speed is good, there is their main push this year, so I believe, there have agreed to care, after all in his side has hosted 2 machine. And the double machine hire Zhiqiang 07 years, June rent to the property of a total of 1.6 years in case of.

The first is

server a month off the net 3 times, compared with the collapse of the room is only one person on duty [this is] learned later, once off at 8 in the evening call, that is not good enough for second days at noon, and a call to restart the.


didn’t think what a big problem, but more horrible things just started a few days later, September 16th is the server and off the net, call the past to restart, don’t think for a moment, the room people send a message to the server, I reinstall the system, then is the management account and password, see the crash. How to restart the server, to become a

I reinstall the system?

and then contact the computer room, ask what’s going on, the computer room that the server does not start up, so it will be reloaded. My Khan ah, you reinstall the system, do not say,


thought that does not think, after reinstalling the system or not, the machine start up, the room that can not be resolved, contact the Chengdu compass network company, they said the machine back to the company they check, let me crash: after 2 days, their company’s customer service call me my hard drive it is bad, but after the warranty period, I was a fool, June hire machines last year, how hard it will be after the warranty period.

because of a friend’s site on my server, more important, so at that time did not immediately find them, just want to get ready to go to the server, the network server 2, off more than 20 days, not easy to find the server well, very slow, the website after all open bandwidth has been found go on 1M, do not move, this time is National Day, had no choice but to wait until they find National Day after treatment, said inspection, check all day said no problem, what about my server? What a slow speed cannot open the ~


then asked their customer service to question why the machines I used to rent were hard


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