Do stand a month to talk about experience

calculate on the night of December 17th officially put into the server station has begun for a month, I put my experience this month to share with you. I started in 2000 2003 made contact with the network, some simple HTML page of the website, the website does not exist when no one seems to do a problem, as long as a little bit to several large forum about there will be a lot of people. Before now, websites are really easier to do than they are now. When I put the small station on the server, the first thing is to think of ways to let search engines know my address of this small station, so convenient to include, these I also see the article understand. I probably sent a couple of forums, and I didn’t know Admin5 at that time. Only in the mother forum with several webmaster forums some abreast, sign with the station. The effect is good, about second days, I got up in the morning to see when Google included more than 600 articles, first say, because the site has just completed, no content, I still studied the collection, it is easy to get more than 2000 content. Google included, followed by search, almost also included so much, many people say soso is to see google. Baidu did not reflect, at that time do not know to read logs, see spiders, so do not know whether Baidu has visited the small station, anyway, there are included, indicating good. To keep abreast of the forum and second days, almost 5 days in a row is in bed together one thing and then go to wash, fifth days suddenly see Google included was reduced to 300 by about half K. Here or say, try not to collect, even if the collection is not a new station, the beginning of the acquisition of many, that is easy to be K, you can put it out bit by bit.

almost 7 days time, my station has a large search all recorded, in addition to Baidu, let me a little puzzled. Fortunately, there is a station to do the station told me that you want to let your station quickly into the Baidu, you stand on the JS advertising code deleted, so that the station clean. At that time, I saved a lot of JS for future convenience, so I did what he said. Second days in the morning when site entered Baidu, I wonder if it’s a coincidence. But I still believe that as little as possible, JS will make search engines like you better. Next, I insist on updating every day, of course, manually. Sometimes to do something small, because I have done before the site, PS and flash know a little, so it is easier to do. When I’m free, I’ll go to Admin5 and look at what other people write about SEO, because I have no contact with them, so I want to spend more time as soon as possible. Looked for a few days, I know the keyword optimization is about how, in return to see his station, then my title is according to Baidu row the first page of the site written. Some not and I also write on the content of title, and according to the modified SEO article that suits her, I said here 10 days a total of 5 revisions to title, when Baidu snapshot every day I, but after each update snapshot stops a day. So >


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