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Discussion on online marketing and emotion management under nternet

talking about online marketing and offline sentiment management

– answer: "the misconception of pyramid selling phobia"

I wrote an essay before

, the name is "pyramid phobia is misunderstood feeling", did not think the Internet after the announcement, many people have doubts, so, I will answer these questions, make the following:

, I wrote the reason for this "misunderstood sense of pyramid selling phobia"

first of all, the feeling that caused me to write this article came from an online friend. It was weekend, so I got up a little late. At nine o’clock, you own the site, a habit of hanging on QQ and 51 hanging, the latest news of the habit of viewing space and blog, said to have one, and a few Lidouduo blog mailbox "network advertising", one of the essential smile, look on the habit of delete; continue to point to open a friend request, several GG and JJ are equal to put in front of us, the spirit of "to have friends from afar awfully" principle, it is customary to accept the request. But I can not accept is that several GG, JJ is actually a "new type of network marketing" – it also sent the initiator of evil straightforward network advertising — too selfish, only with his idea of a small business, do not think about it, bring much inconvenience so recklessly advertising will give others positive work and life! Can play what role in their work?……

is furious, put this several GG and JJ out of a group of friends, because they did not want to become friends, just a machine of collecting target in the machine online, send message, ha ha, helpless ah……

then what I didn’t think of was that I met a special gift from a net friend —

because every day to maintain and update the website is my thesis will do homework, because this site together with the husband too much effort, because I was his lover, so when he is busy, basically all I have to do these things, so when a netizen to greet me, asked me to do what when you tell him: I am finishing my thesis website.

did not expect, he sent the next message, let me very embarrassed, say what, "early in the morning on a pyramid scheme, really unlucky."!……" God, what did I say? I didn’t say anything. He added me, and he asked me first…… Oh, my God! It was such a misunderstanding in the morning! This man is really……

if I really gave him endless send some of our website advertising, promotional materials, ah ah what artists enlightenment, hate, also, their conservation is not the same, I can also accept complain. But, what I didn’t say it was such a misunderstanding! Let my heart is really uncomfortable! I’m not so partial good mouth, in the past a scold scold him, so it is the habit of self mediation — write diary, in order to vent, so.


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