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How does a letter and number make up a good domain name

with the development of the Internet, the increase in the number of sites, good domain name resources increasingly reduced, as the four digit.Cn basically disappeared. Do you have to buy rice from rice farmers? Here’s one of the skills of registering domain names — how to form a good meter with letters and numbers.

The combination of

letters and numbers can be divided into two major categories, namely, "letters are the main type, numbers are secondary" and "numbers are the main ones." letters are supplemented". The general is in the front, the assistant is usually behind, and of course there are exceptions. Auxiliary numbers are very common. The preferred number is the single auxiliary number. There are 5 common (net) and 8 (bar), and there are two figures, such as 77 (plus a Xiao step forward, you should have heard).

123 – 123 good fight to remember, but also affected by these 123 hao123 stations, has been "home" meaning, such as the assassin Vista123 is Vista’s brother, jz123.org is the master of the house.

365 means everyday, because there are 365 days in a year, for example, free365 is free every day.

100 means "one hundred, one hundred, hundred percent", such as love hundred percent.

888 – meaning "hair", "pure digital", "good mark" or "good omen", ha ha.

789, 369, 258 – CIS

173 – meaning "go together",

286 – this is out of date.

as far as the auxiliary digits of more than three digits are not "complementary", they are not recommended unless they are local codes. Auxiliary letters are a bit less than numbers, but they are good. See below, I list a part out, ordinary single letter not much said.

wo – nest, as can be worm nest

, Jia, home – home, shelves, such as the shopping stand,

s – stands for the plural, such as admins

, fan, fans – meaning "lovers", such as cfan, trade station, fan station,

Ren – meaning "people", such as Cantonese, is a good place to choose

BBS – forums such as nokiabbs

pop – affected by PCPOP,

my – my

Hao – OK,

Er – – for example, lover

main part, I don’t say much, usually according to the theme of the website, can be English words, also can be Pinyin, and even Pinyin initials. For example, with the site related, you can choose www.jz123.org domain name.

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