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Borrow 58 city want to appear on the market, talk about the experience of information website

58 city listed, and the second is to apply for the listing, the first time because of the economic downturn, the listing plan ran aground, but this is because listed from 8 years of losses finally became profitable, although only 280 thousand dollars, sing hot background in O2O mode, classified information website is hot, maybe and in such a background, the 58 listed financing is a very successful thing, for the classified information website, kobun two years ago from the optimization of the SEO angle in A5 published an article "from the SEO point of view, go to the market network" fatal error committed by an advertisement, and write of course, this article has 58 city, classification of information is another two website ganji.com and people battle network, people network with the help of Chen Yao donkey to ganji.com advertising, quickly launched a donkey nets, Think, at that time, SEO hot 2011, keyword is what a sensitive word!


2011 I also to classified information website contact with most of the year, when working in a local talent market, the main business is to do the recruitment, is through the telephone, in the network released some of the recruitment advertisements to attract manufacturers to our talent market recruitment site will be published on the Internet recruitment advertising, information classification the website has become one of the main positions, was his most love to the people, because the net threshold is low, does not need a lot of audit procedures, a recruitment advertisement will not repeat the title as long as 2-3 minutes to fix, the 58 city is demanding some day only published an advertisement, and relative audit procedures some complex, ganji.com is strictly a lot, because we need to upload the business license, the newly established talent market, the business license is not down And I have tried to find a fake business license on the Internet, the results did not give up in the muddle ganji.com promotion! But for ganji.com integrity is still pretty high

!Three different

audit procedures, let me choose the people network, followed by the 58 city, later extended for a period of time, I feel very troublesome, gradually give up, as I put the ganji.com, this platform is similar to that of newspapers as authoritative platform, not advertising but for recruitment business information, telephone interviews, of course, use the mail promotion Recruitment Information


in the net release recruitment information is the most simple, so I also published frequently, once a day almost became one of the daily work, but also saw some success, in this regard, I increase the content update, from a few simple words have been added in some content, finally also insert a picture that result, really brings several customers, when people network launched a top advertising model, because of their own business in the talent market, so I had to buy the germination of the top advertising motivation, however, because in two ways to promote their own use, better mail promotion more effective, effect. Plus other colleagues also send the advertisement in the classifieds site, so the final choice to buy the paid mailbox for 5>


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