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Talk about a rookie station experience sharing

I was a rookie, a kind of dish, dish to even the virtual host is what does not know, 08 years in October began to make contact with the internet station, to calculate this October has been a year, to celebrate such a special day, so I write the work experience and experience of the station. I hope my words can comb my heart, let oneself after a better path, also a little experience I can help just entered this line rookie webmaster


1: domain name registration

often said that if registered a good domain name, then the site will be half of the success, we can see the domain name in our site in the role of how much. So when we choose the domain name, we must consider more, do not blindly choose. The first step is to choose the suitable domain name according to their own needs, for example, we have to do a fourth forum, we must consider what domain name registration right, we first thought is dasi.com, but like this meters has already been registered, it will list some of their heart and is suitable for the domain name 11 forum comparison, like Fourth Forum, which corresponds to the good domain name should be: dasibbs.com, dasiluntan.com, so you can make comparisons, and easy to remember domain name from the length of the dasibbs.com or can be selected. So when we choose the domain name, we must take into account the very aspect, the most important thing is to brief, good to remember!


two: the virtual host selects


virtual host selection is very important, many companies choose to provide hosting, but not all companies are good, choose a good host for the rookie is not easy, so the choice of the host to find a good way. The first thing to consider their own procedures to select the corresponding host, but provide the host service provider, how to choose? Someone brought up the first look at the host’s website customer service number, if more that their business is good. It’s a way. Another method is to go to QQ group to speak, ask other webmaster, these webmaster after all, experienced, listen to those old Adsense opinion. Choose the host should be careful not to choose too cheap host, not to say, cheap, no good goods, their host is cheaper, is smaller space, and there will be many restrictions. There is, do not be fooled by the surface of things, why say so, because I had the first time when the purchase of the host, select a service provider, click on the customer service inquiry, did not expect that customer service attitude is super good, very good, I feel this company should be good so, the choice, but the problem is not how long the line on the website, find their customer service, technical inquiries, but two times can also be more their attitude to a 36 degree turn


three: program selection

we’re all rookies, we don’t have much technology, so we don’t write programs ourselves, just download free programs online and how to choose >


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