The clever use of the absorbing flow typos

I advance statement: I am a rookie, what is wrong or ill please forgive me! I am the spirit of sharing, mutual encouragement, to the principle of writing. My previous article was ridiculed and reviled by some people. I despise their personality and disdain for it. If you are a master, please bypass.


does is to attract a large amount of traffic to maintain the cost of the website and earn the benefit. Of course, all the webmaster friends have their own tricks, all roads lead to Rome. If your station is to want to flow through the search engine, this may also be a shortcut, that is, clever use of other people’s typing errors, in the search input keywords to obtain high traffic. Since ancient times, people have been interested in pornographic content, which is a constant truth (you don’t say you don’t like it, then you’re not normal), so the erotic keywords in search are high search. I checked, "erotic May days" this word search amount is good, but also some people search "erotic May days", and quite a few. Articles that appear on the web do not fit in well with this. Well, here’s the entrance to the job. In addition, note that if your site weight is not enough, you don’t do the network popular keywords, otherwise, you do included after the ranking will be greatly in the back row, for the amount of points is not a small discount.

other not say, and everyone in Baidu input search, see how I do, and can’t violate state regulations.

and there is my domain name is good, I almost all collected articles included in the rankings after all, and this is also a reference opinion.


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