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Optimization is king, marketing is emperor hospital marketing new method

How to use the

to improve hospital visit rate, return rate to mention high the image of the hospital customer resources? Advertising naked not only could not take effect, and may cause patients antipathy, and become the negative promotion; from the side to the hospital by marketing patient data to remind patients visit, visit, care, send health information thus, get the patient to the hospital trust, access to the patient’s mouth to promote the low mission hospital.

1 SMS marketing


patients of the PHS mobile phone number, need to collect or establish special database, using the card to card or SP operator application interface platform, to the patient group visit tip or health information, this is a way to get with gratitude and trust.

2 telemarketing

By linking

patients call back to cure disease, to remind patients attention, concerned about the life of patients, and patients to hospital satisfaction of staff attending doctors, nurses and other service satisfaction, on the one hand, let patients receive care, one can understand the hospital service quality, so as to improve the hospital place.

3 mail marketing

monthly production health issue, leaving patients sending email, on the one hand, health knowledge, on the one hand may also recommend specialty and renowned experts to patients when patients or patients with her illness, he first thought is definitely your hospital.

4 community marketing

on the part of life difficult for chronically ill elderly elderly, left behind by the patient’s address, regularly to the community free songyisongyao, both in response to national policy, on the other hand from the hospital marketing.

should be noted that the personal data in accordance with relevant state regulations is confidential, any hospital no one can literally leaked to the data of patients, hospital patients with information to marketing promotion should also is the foundation of patient health, the starting point of this paper is to the hospital for the patients with good data consolidation, one can also give patients bring care, sent to health.


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