My wedding website promotion road

learning for a long time on the site, every time I see the website promotion experience you have written is benefited, today finally have a bit of free time, I want to write out the website promotion experience, just write, we have different opinions but don’t scold me.

my website is about the Ji’nan wedding company’s industrial website. First of all, I want to talk about why we built this website at first. I was doing the wedding celebration of the industry, in November 2006, as in the TV station tired of sitting in an office, of course, mainly because of not satisfied with their income, do not want to own so young, just boring to youth to the office, so he decided to do something about it. So one day, when I had a quarrel with the director because of a trivial matter, I gave the resignation report second days ago.

Celebration, my

a month after they opened, then the confidence to do a big business, what you wish to, from the company opened in November to March of the 07 year, will do half the time, only three out of the list, earned approximately three thousand yuan, ha ha. At that time, every month rent 1000 yuan, plus the cost of living, the son of milk money, I spent half of his savings. I was wondering how to pick up a few more sheets and sleep at night. It’s neither dead nor alive a few months later, one day in July 07, right on the Internet at play, QQ suddenly in the flashing, I am chatting with a stranger, open look, is a web site, ask me to do? At the time because there is no business, you may consider in this way may get some customers, and then spent five hundred yuan, let the brothers help me to do a simple website. Site built, and I’m excited for a long time, think that with a web site, you can have a lot of business to find me, in fact, I did not imagine the original so simple.

site built for a long time, business is still no improvement, the site does not bring a little business. So themselves through Baidu and Google (at the time, I only know this two search engines) to find their own website, no matter what keywords are lost, can not find, unless the output directly in the address bar to open the web site url. Ask the man who helped me with my website. He said it was good for a while, but I couldn’t find it for four or five months. Then no way, had its own reasons, 1 reasons: because no one outside of my website link, although the website also added some foreign Links, such as Baidu, Google, Sina and other web site, but they have no link to my website, so my own website on search engines it is almost impossible to find the station built in half the time I was a dead link. 2 reasons: my site did not submit to the search engine active site, if you can submit the initiative, it will soon be estimated revenue. Later, I just know, give me the Internet site that guy, I was his first client, previously did not give someone else to do the site, is self taught, can only do standing, but do not know to promote a station. Got it?


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