Personal websites today and tomorrow

has done web site people know, now it is difficult to do web site, everyone has a server, everyone will do web pages, everyone has space, almost will point, everyone has a BBS.

now, the website, personal homepage is more and more rampant. What did you think? Did you think about that,


, if a good site, did not advertise, did not go publicity, there is no cheating, traffic is very little. Development of the site must have felt this point,.

why is that so,


1. will be a little more knowledge,

2. has more servers,

3. takes his own computer more people,

4. space is cheaper,

5. web page maize popularity

wants a ", divided minutes can do things.5 minutes to have a personal home page." flooding, AD everywhere. A garbage room, trash everywhere. The site of the above points, should be on the existing problems of our thoughts. The development of personal website how to face and solve, to for years my personal experience, I say a few opinion.


1. flood period should be eased for some time,.

government Internet WWW service should have explicit provisions, management will also be introduced. After rectifying online games, that is WWW,.

How does

2. do not make a garbage

in the flood?

I said your garbage is not a serious statement: meaning, also did not say your website is rubbish, I just a figure of a common problem. I do a music station, he can. You have to download the station, he can have one and you exactly the same tomorrow. Such development can be? The answer is NO, of course, if you want to use to hit a 265 hit a high traffic can. For individuals not everyone can do it. So I summarize to break this problem is the following:

1. idea

What are you going to do

? Why do you want to do? Do you think what good is it? A lot of people have no idea of making music station, download station, make picture stand, make the movie station, are out of ideas. Of course, I am also a no Braille guy, and I like you. Of course, these the station can do good to


2. technology,

visitors can not see, but the site needs technology. If there is no idea that rely on technology. Take hao123, at that time do have ideas, get so much now just like it. The site has no idea to *.265 money, hit a web site, people also technology the technology for personal website. So a mark. No technical talk made website. Don’t talk about the analysis of the existing success point >


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