Network promotion ten key points

remember when you started learning online promotion, they are learning other people’s methods, learning a suitable one, probably learning more than thirty kinds of methods, very hard things. Now I use ten methods, but also I think the network to promote the most critical ten points, the following to take out and share with you, I hope to help webmaster friends.

my own promotion is the global housing room, housing network, so I would like to around this site to share ten kinds of the simplest network promotion methods:

, a us no matter what kind of promotion website, first I think is like the major search engines to submit your site, such as: Baidu, Google, YAHOO, Sogou and so on, the first choice at least ten search engine submission site for submission address, search out, here is not released the. Very simple, no skill, everyone can do it.

two, promotion keywords. Let’s put in a sentence. What we are talking about today is based on the shape of a website. Keywords extension) is a very hard work, general website at least three keywords, will have five keywords, rental, second-hand housing, real estate, real estate, real estate network, so how to improve the ranking of words, my approach is one by one, the keywords separate promotion, such as a month to rent this special promotion Keywords, because this is a station group, covering each city, including each district, county, how nearly more than 4000 website promotion, there are a lot of this kind of large stations, promotion mode is basically the same, to determine the key areas to promote, the emphasis here is that in second months when the promotion of second key words do not forget the first words, of course, have improved, can also be together It’s up to individual habits to promote all the keywords.

three, study the page carefully. I said is to carefully study the analysis Oh, the content of each page, each column, to enrich website content, but must be original, such as I am now in the promotion of global real real real network, this website is mainly for real estate information, then only allow more people to publish information on the website will continue for updates, constantly updated website, search engine is love, then, the website included, rankings, will rise slowly.

four, do links. Link is generally easy to do, but to connect a high weight web site, it will not be easy. Every time I see a lot of some of the sites above, even hundreds of connections, I think ah, tired ah, this is so much good, in fact, I think a website for as long as 15 to 20 weight relatively high site links is enough, it is not necessary to do hundreds, so is a thankless thing.

five, continue to attract search engine care website. In fact, I think the robots of all search engines are not so diligent


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