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To be a station is a peaceful state of mind and an attitude

I am proud of the Internet webmaster in this industry also has three years, starting from the development of the site, I also want to have their own website, because I was born in the program, to the website planning this piece is basically zero, at the beginning, as long as they think it. Right now, now think of that time was very funny, want to do website to be included on all sides, what item to plug in the foot, because the program results, good writing! Forget all sites to handle is one, see every day to update a dozen column content, big head the result, as can be imagined, failed.

later began re done, then is the CN domain name, it is cheap, 1 dollars a, very happy to buy a few, this is good, their own a slightly inferior, but still large, several results down, needless to say, or not, for the time for me, the website program to do their own domain name, as long as a piece of money, the host space is the company’s (my management), so that the cost can be equal to 0, but also depends on their interest in doing, until now, most of my station or interest to do.

maybe most people now do is to make money, not money that is false, I also put a website advertising, but from the past to the present, in the process of doing a master’s, also deeply appreciate the website as you watched the children grow up, you every day more new content, not stop doing promotion, telling everyone you know, tell them your web site, you give your site too much energy, too much hope, when I tell people that I joke website, people Staveley: what, not an SMS network station also. SMS Daquan, not the future of the people to a will not come again. At that time, very angry, each site has the value of each site, the site is like a person, each has its own life, and some people name Yang world, some people unknown. But after angry, also think a lot, why people will not come? Now people are talking about the user experience, the user in the first place, my station is not good enough because of the content or user experience do not? So, in order to retain users, it is hard to do user experience.

said the user experience, one of my friends he smiled, he said: I will do the dumpster, I also saw a thief station, search engine to he collected station is very high, the daily flow of too many, he did pop ads, every day can in many the ticket. I asked him, "you this station, the user came once, do not want to come," he smiled, "I just as long as the user once, once is enough.". He also advised me to say, "do not do it, garbage station! Come on, look at my space, domain name fees have long come back! And I do! But still every day for a few IP and busy! Let alone back space, domain name fees."…… I smile, I will persist.


chatted with a webmaster friend, he said, "doing what you do is an attitude, whether you are aloft or silent."


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