The value of a blog post

personal brand

uses her blog to build a personal brand of her own. When the brand is established, her blog can bring a lot of revenue to herself, which is the standard of successful blog. To achieve this standard, it is necessary to build personal identity with the blog to shape the identity of the speech leaders. What is a personal brand? As you mentioned, Admin5 will associate with the king. Lenovo will know that other people are good and willing to help others. This is the influence of a brand.

, a blog post

When you enter the

map of Wang’s blog after seeing an article graph king wrote, found this article are very novel is very suitable for yourself, then you will go to search related sites in this area. If we directly add a link in the blog inside? Then I think you will see the point now, many well-known bloggers inside of the article will bring some links to other sites, blog weight was high, there is also some words connected with each other to increase the chain, enhance the weight of each website. Compared to buy connection, buy spend thousands of high weight web connection, just a few words to spend so much money, but the blog weight is high, the article can also believe that describe your product, or even add some text links, it is more cost-effective than. The advertising investment is too large, a month on the tens of thousands, all income is estimated to have spent. Many people will be skeptical of that little effect, but this blog ten? Twenty? When everyone in the discussion of your website, you can greatly increase your exposure rate, I believe many curious people will enter to pay attention, for quality website will certainly to attract a group of loyal users to follow. So the value of a blog post is very large.


blog traffic is generally Jibaiqianduo around, a lot of people on the Google Adsense blog, but also dozens each month around the block, a value is not reflected, many people look down upon these flows. These views are very valuable, compared to hundreds of thousands of traffic sites to advertise, not only expensive, but also put on more people go, after all, they do not understand your website. And these small amounts of traffic inside the blog hanging an article, the user is the first to see, after entering can also see the relevant connection, description, etc..

blog promotion

A5 blog alliance to promote the full embodiment of Like attracts like. relatively refined classification, Birds of a feather flock together. way. For example, a IDC website, our promotion is looking for demand in this area of the crowd, and then combined with the blogger’s reputation for promotion. Although the blog traffic is very small, but we should pay attention to the quality of the blog we are looking for and your web site related, that is to say, the user is also access to this aspect more, and finally will be converted to the consumer


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