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Will social networking site UUZone stop service altogether

today I saw a news report on QQ news, there is one of the earliest social networking site UUZone will completely stop the service, but also with the UUZone coming off the page (see screenshot: http://s.tech.qq.com/a/20090204/000139.htm).


          the open uuzone zone (www.uuzone.com) website youyou does not see the screenshot above part of Tencent technology news official announcement, the author in the online search, including Sohu, techweb it portal on this news made relevant reports. In order to verify the authenticity of the message, the author dialed the contact number on the uuzone website, but no one answered. The author tries to register this website member, can be passed even, the service of website member is normal, but the speed of network and snail crawl are same slow.


I don’t doubt that

is about to close the network media that the first social networking website? Is in fact about uuzone failures reported early in 08 years including Sina and other major portals in the media have reported, why until today also appeared this news? Speculation is still true, let us try wait, wait until the end of March we will see a lie or truth.


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