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Small flow of new sites, how can fast earnings

I do Ali mother day into the thirty station for a long time, from the beginning to now can do every day only interest income of thirty yuan for pocket money, I feel very satisfied, because I am not a professional website, just the monthly income of Jiqianji million compared, I spend only half an hour, the site, spend more time course better, someone may ask me, how can do this effect? In fact, we carefully to taste, very simple, to do so, is not difficult, but we have to understand some basic knowledge of


: as we continue these personal Webmaster: first, we have a lot of money to promote our website, said the Internet is money, who do not know there is no return on investment into money, like my new fast a month, traffic is still very low, less advertising does not do ah, very we are depressed two, individual stationmaster is very difficult to make its own characteristics, are generally just looking for a web application, buy a cheap space, a site will be built, three, personal website to find profit point. So the personal website want to make money, according to the usual thinking is not enough, unless you have huge traffic, then you don’t want to make money are difficult! It as personal webmaster, website income come from it, I think about the following: first, advertising revenue (we all know that this is the most profitmodel, the most easy to operate, but the flow has some important requirements, two), sales of products, said the popular point is to open shop, it was chosen (what the product, not what requirements of traffic even if only one day visit, as long as he buy your goods, the you have income drawbacks: there is a certain risk) three: service website.

No matter what your

profit model, finally a purpose, can make money on the line, we selected one of the best operation mode, is to advertising as our profit model! Advertising, according to the routine must have a certain flow, otherwise no one will contact you on the advertising, here I said look, how to use no traffic to the website on the five thousand, I don’t want you to go to the station with their regular operation of this mode, easy to be K off, often on the Internet to see a lot of selling Wangzhuan skills, say what day into the hundreds of thousands. I don’t think it should be credible. But I have read their introduction, I know what they are using and can use it. First of all, here’s the way: first of all, we have to have a website, we have to. The site does not need to have much traffic, of course, there is a better flow, and then apply for an advertising alliance, it is best to apply for a good reputation. To receive the money. As for what advertising is good, we should all know, at home hanging advertising, had better hang the maximum size of the ads, text ads on the home page is best, hang six advertising, each advertisement is four text advertising, six advertising there are 24 ads, imagine adding to each click on the ads, how much money, yourself! See here, we will ask, how will the sites are not flow >


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