What is the charm of online shopping

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wrote the basic process of building online stores.

, what are the charms of online shopping,


first, for consumers:

first, you can "shop around" at home, and the order is not limited by time;

second, get a larger amount of commodity information, you can buy local goods;

third, online payment is more secure than traditional cash payment, avoiding cash loss or robbery;

fourth, from ordering, buying goods to door-to-door, no need to visit the scene, both time-saving and labor-saving;

fifth, because the online products do not save a series of fees, such as renting a shop, calling employees and storing and keeping it, the price is cheaper than the similar goods in the general market.

then, for businesses, because there is no pressure on the stock, online sales of low operating costs, scale of operation without space constraints, in the future there will be more enterprises choose online sales through the Internet, timely feedback of market information, adjust business strategy, the ability to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises and participate in the international competition.

again, for the entire market economy, this new shopping model can achieve greater allocation of resources at a higher level and in greater scope.

as can be seen, the online shopping break through the barriers of traditional business, both for consumers, enterprises still have significant market appeal and influence in the new economic era is undoubtedly the ideal model to achieve "win-win" effect.

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