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How to correct the deformity of the nipple and areola ‘s health network

The morphology and structure of

nipple, is to maintain an important part of the female breast shape beauty, is also a very important factor in maintaining women’s sexuality and sexual psychology of women.

women due to congenital factors and acquired causes of morphological structure of nipple is not perfect, will cause a lot of pressure, especially young female nipple deformity and defect, often lose their normal psychological development, thus affecting the love and marriage.

nipple deformity correction method which


the areola is too large or too small correction

normal areola diameter 3-5 cm.

to expand the areola surgery and non surgery therapy method. Non surgical therapy is used to tattoo skin color deepened. The operation method is: take the labia majora or sacrococcygeal or skin side areola color deep in graft around the nipple. The girl is naive unless breast development, generally do not expand due to pregnancy and lactation areola, after the areola will naturally increase color.

can reduce the areola areola skin excision part, is to the nipple as the center radius of 1 cm outside the areola skin excision and suture.

nipple ptosis correction, there are two surgical methods:

semi papillary excision: the nipple from the central longitudinal incision, excision of papillary half One divides into two., the other half fold suture.

excision of the nipple base: annular resection at the base of the nipple or partial wedge resection of the nipple.

nipple areola reconstruction

nipple graft method: breast cancer patients underwent mastectomy and cancer from distant nipple, nipple can be complete cut transplanted in other parts of the body, for breast reconstruction after breast reconstruction on the nipple in the complex.

part of the contralateral nipple areola graft: unilateral nipple areola defect and ipsilateral nipple areola larger, cut a part of the contralateral nipple graft to the defect side.

labioscrotal skin: nympha and basal skin, and skin color are outside the male scrotum is deep, can free transplantation of nipple areola reconstruction.

Correction of nipple inversion in

non operative therapy: no obvious cause of disease of the nipple, first attracted conservative therapy, with a breast pump for nipple part of negative pressure, or do manual pull method. For breast cancer and other diseases caused by the cause of the disease should be treated.

: surgical therapy due to dysplasia caused by the nipple and the surgical treatment of conservative treatment, method for resection of the nipple or areola areola skin basal interval diamond, and then tighten the suture, and stretch fibrous tissue nipples loosen or cut off, so that the nipple protruding.

full straight breast without nipple areola or with deformity, there will be a lack of punchline feeling. The nipple areola plastic surgery will simply maid >


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