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Tiger bashing for ten years, and an idealist slow company love and pain

is a tiger, is no stranger to the sports fans name, established in 2004, the NBA forum started, has become the most Chinese independent professional sports community, every day there are one hundred thousand sports fans immersed in the tiger to build community.




one stone two birds

idealistic slow company, the business transformation of the throes of

the founder of Chenghang wanpiao website, perhaps did not expect to develop into today’s scale, it is also for this reason, tiger has always been to their ideal route in the development, if not the capital requirements, estimate the tiger still is a NBA professional forum.

2012, hoopchina.com launched IPO, in the first round of financing at the same time, will be under the tiger NBA, GoalHi and HelloF1 merged into a unified football the tiger sports network, marking the transition from tiger bashing forum to complete the portal, the company was founded 8 years has been one of the significant transformation.

in my mind there are so few slow Chinese Internet company: dianping.com, Douban, then there is a tiger, they are very similar in tone, the pursuit of ego development, is not sensitive to the commercialization, it is also because of this, tiger in the commercial road on the road is quite difficult, after the transformation of portal experience increasingly confused.

tiger is really slow, slow, tiger never pursue what hot Internet concept, in 2004 the establishment of the forum, until the 2012 transition portal, but in 2012 the portals is an outdated mode, and the tiger established in the same period in 2009 is LETV, began to seek development in the field of Internet TV, launched in 2010 in the A shares, in 2011 launched a famous Internet TV – LETV TV.

although the tiger in the past 10 years, also tried a lot of new business, such as business, shopping, games, but are difficult to be successful and loud, even Chenghang admits that tiger in the field of business negotiation ability is very weak, so that the business of no profit, in my opinion the tiger, the calorie business mall, not only did not profit, but it is their own forum trading platform will have a direct conflict, which is reflected in the commercial aspects of tiger not sensitive.

of course, every company has its own ideals and ideas of operation. What tiger wants to do is the idealism in his mind. From this point of view, tiger is really a small and refreshing art.

user churn, tiger’s heart pain

tiger users to some extent conform to the tiger web site temperament – love sports, the pursuit of spiritual perception.

sports are a strange field in China, and many people pay close attention to it. However, business output is very limited, unlike Europe and America