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Use English advertising language to obtain foreign traffic

foreign traffic is treasure, if anyone can get foreign traffic, then who caught gold, in addition to the traditional use of some traffic propaganda means to obtain foreign traffic, there are two methods for publicity to foreign netizens website, one is through the flow exchange chain website to access Chinese foreign propaganda Internet users, another is the use of GOOGLE advertising platform, advertising directly to foreign websites.

traffic exchange chain, this is a traffic exchange platform, to exchange the chain code on your station, will show the other website registered on the platform of the flow of advertising, and other registration stations will also display our ads, when we stand on the point of browsing others advertising, will bring integral to us, to each other to reduce the integral, the same way, when we stand by advertising in some other stations, will give each other to increase the integral, we reduce the integral. In the traffic exchange chain, traffic can be accumulated, is light show others advertising, do not let their ads stand by others show, then selling points, there is a light to buy points, do not put others advertising, only buy points, let people run their ads. Flow exchange union inside the skills of things especially many, only oneself really to operate, and then be able to master some of the principles, and now do better is the dark horse chain and pioneer chain.

in the flow exchange alliance, a description of the contents of advertising is divided into three parts, the title, URL, and GOOGLE for advertising platform advertising display mode is exactly the same, visitors see titles and descriptions, before deciding whether to open an advertisement, so bring the flow is the directional flow, are describe the traffic of interest in advertising. At present, the exchange chain of flow unit price is 0.03 yuan, that is, each produces a directional flow of price is 0.03 cents.

every day a large number of foreign users in access Chinese website, if the purchase of integral in the swap chain, then put in the title and description of the English English advertising, it will attract the foreign users, which led them to our English station, resulting in advertising revenue. The detailed steps are as follows:

1. makes an English website, must not plagiarize, GOOGLE pays special attention to the copyright independence of the website.

2. to buy black chain integral, then the advertising titles and descriptions are set to English, in this case, Chinese users are generally not only to the point of advertising, English familiar with foreign users will come.

3. raises the unit price, the purpose is enhances the demonstration frequency, lets more foreign Internet users point in.

English advertising pages, average revenue per IP is 0.15 yuan, as long as the swap chain back set price below 0.15 yuan, it is profitable, generally set to 0.05 yuan, showing the frequency is very high, it can bring a lot of traffic abroad. Then a friend asks a question