To solve the problem about Baidu snapshot

last week one of my Baidu snapshot, after a week of effort, finally in the morning when Baidu update again recover. Torture away for a week last week, so to write, some experience about Baidu snapshot.


is very powerful, not a snapshot, It is without rhyme or reason.’s website there is a problem in some aspects. The reason I will breast snapshot, the reason for this is that this period of time in order to optimize the change of TITIEL, we all know that Baidu is a taboo in this. So naturally the snapshot. Baidu snapshot, we must think about where there is a problem, find the crux of the problem. Baidu snapshot you don’t have to worry too much, the correction is a Baidu gives you a test period. Test period is very important, we should make good use of this period of time, and do more use of search engine friendly work.

1, be sure to update the content manually every day. Baidu update content is very important, we must insist on updating dozens of content every day, not too much, not too little. But the title changed, the article at the beginning, the end of change, make false original.

2, write soft text. The role of soft words is really huge. A good soft Wen, was N station reprinted, there are N external links a. These link weights are ok. I at this time snapshot every day to write a soft wen. Although it was difficult to write, it wasn’t written well, but I stuck to it.

3, do more external links. Snapshot, you stand is not bad and not willing to stand chain, chain. So making a friendship link is not going to work. Only by blogging on external links. To apply for those very high weight blog, I personally choose Sina blog. Then every day, COPY articles on the web, published on the blog, keyword links to the web site. This method of doing external links, or quite effective. Do not use mass software to leave a link everywhere, this may backfire.

in short, we should adhere to the mentality of peace, and more exploration, more learning, more to do. Soon, everything will be all right after that time. Finally, I saw a lot of posts that Baidu snapshot problems are solved in the forum. So, your station correction solves? If not, say according to the above, and then stick to it! Maybe tomorrow will be normal.

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