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This is my new friends and always want to say

I first explain, I this article is completely boring when some of their own feelings, not malicious, now is an information age, remember the network started, if there is a personal homepage, you would envy, and say: "Wow, really cow!"

then, relies entirely on the personal technology, is really very cow, I admire, I do stand 2 years before the time is not long, but some of the webmaster, I belong to the predecessors, I do not boast! My first stop is what station? You may think, is according to. Then he said just started not long, I wrote a program that day IP reached more than 5000, and later because in high school, so the station will be closed, when the site is not much, the spread of the network program is not very complete, I either write, or downloaded to modify which, like now, as long as the download is a station, rely on data acquisition, automatic…… To say something bad, as long as it is individual, can do the website.

I remember 2 years ago, many webmaster forum on BBS.CHINZ.COM, there are a lot of love to help people, but now? Now a deserted, only a lot of advertising, behind the www.im286.com novice area is also a lot of advertising, really tired, tired, I don’t know what I do now stand what is the purpose, I first make money station is a QQ space station, when the QQ space started not long, QQ stand a very fire, I to IP1W in exchange for a monthly income of 3000, what’s on, is a post, a QQ message, but is now a lot of SEOER laugh……

What is the

station on? Patience, if you want to profit in a month, then take a few W to get some publicity on SEO, what is the use? It can make you stand immediately bonanza? This is my first time posting said a little incoherent but I said I just want to say for a long time.

dear master, if you want to get rich overnight, I tell you, don’t get wise, tell some fantastic tales! What is called SEO. I stand on their own efforts, and now GG and Baidu hot keywords in the first and second page, you do not want to rely on search engines to flow, simple?…… A month of continuous updates, Baidu will update your station every day, GG will gradually rely on the former, do not believe what SEO, that is, the wave of money and waste of energy, why bother


updated the website,

Admin5 comments: Thank you for your contribution, although the article is "offensive", but "offensive" is in front of the "advice" is behind the "benefit", the author of the article is written many novice friends to make mistakes, many novice friends really needs to adjust the mentality of



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