What are the cost of opening milk tea shop

shop on the need to have a capital investment, even if there is no entrepreneurial experience, I am afraid that people should understand this truth. Presumably a lot of friends want to open a tea shop, covering an area of small, fast sales, high profits. Whenever I see a small milk tea shop, the flow is always an endless stream of people, on the envy of. So you want to open a tea shop, tea shop costs include? This is what we need to consider the problem, then let us work together to calculate the cost of tea shop.

milk tea shop cost: store rental.

milk tea shop must be opened in a lively place, lively local people flow, so as to meet the average daily sales of a milk tea shop. But the larger flow of people where the general rent is not cheap, so the store can be as small as a few meters, counter and a dozen square meters of tea beverage stores can, so investors need to consider and choose according to their own situation.

milk tea shop cost two: decoration.

a tea shop decoration does not have to be very luxurious, but must be stylish, clean. Decoration is good, the first to attract consumers to buy desire. However, the general professional milk tea stores, joining the headquarters will be meticulous guidance on the decoration, so this is not to worry about.

milk tea shop cost three: join fee.

if you are the first to open tea shop, so the tea shop business may not be so familiar, it is best to choose a tea stores to join, so that you can avoid detours, but also need to join a joining fee. Join the general level of fees according to your choice to join the brand to set, accounting for part of the cost of milk tea shop.

milk tea shop cost four: equipment and material costs.

this is the tea shop opened up, the cost of pre investment, should account for a large, but if you choose to join the tea, then the company will be ready for you.

tea shop cost five: waiter.

to recruit suitable staff and training is a certain difficulty, but if you choose the tea, then the headquarter will help you easily fix, you only need to calculate the wages of workers can be.

shop entrepreneurship is not a trivial matter, it is not a small sum of money can be done, after all, the cost of all this, only to prepare a sufficient cost, to be able to make a more successful business. These mentioned above is the basic cost of opening the milk tea, want to open a milk tea shop, as long as the plan in advance of these, then you must be able to


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