Stereo garage investment

if we are only on the surface, a lot of business is not only reliable, but also really able to earn their own wealth, it can be said to be very feasible to invest in a good business. However, the actual analysis, we can find that many are now very popular propaganda business, is not very reliable. So, three-dimensional garage investment fly it?

There is a

project currently in the field of investment, the investment parking garage, in which investors investing a certain amount (5 – 200 thousand dollars), the lease to buy a parking garage in the period of 3 – 5 years.

then investors do not need to operate management, just after the expiration of the lease right, you can get a certain amount of return, the average annual income of 18%. To invest 80 thousand yuan, the lease period of 5 years as an example, after five years of total return with interest in 150 thousand yuan.

from the book point of view, this is definitely a gold investment projects, but such a good thing fly it?

from the book point of view, this thing fly

a three-dimensional parking spaces, how much revenue? Its "hematopoietic" function? I visited the underground garage in an office building in Tianjin, because the garage is located in two lots, fees are not high, the parking fee is 6 yuan / hour, no cap fees, if sustained parking for 24 hours, the total fee of 144 yuan.

from Monday to Friday hours (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.), garage 100 parking spaces are full; the weekend garage average load is about 50%; a rough estimate of each parking space can charge about 4000 yuan a month. That is to say a car a year income of about 48 thousand yuan, but after deducting electricity, equipment wear costs, staff wages, venue rental fees, the annual income of 20 thousand yuan, with 80 thousand yuan investment calculation, absolute return rate is higher than 18%.

addition, in addition to parking fees, three-dimensional garage can produce other benefits, such as road advertising, garage advertising, etc., these projects can also contribute about 2% of the annual revenue.

from the book point of view, the investment of three-dimensional garage, is really a tricky thing.

from a legal point of view, this is a risk

many legal sources said, rather than renting parking spaces, such projects are more like a private lending projects. Because, in order to invest in real estate, for example, investors are to buy a house, and then rented, but the investment in three-dimensional garage, investors get a parking space of N years to enjoy the right to income, and no transfer of property rights. There are two risks:

one is whether the lending behavior is relevant


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