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What are the causes of female nipples ‘s health network

nipple discharge may be just a normal function of breast function. If that is the case, the nipple can solve the problem of water. To avoid the stimulation of the nipple, such as: often check nipple leakage. Because, in fact, the stimulation of the problem will continue to leak.

in addition to the normal physiological function of the breast, the cause of other nipple seepage may also be:

cause 1, breast swelling

breast swelling is one of the most common causes of nipple discharge.

cause 2, papilloma

papilloma is a small, benign tumor that grows in a latex tube.



and galactorrhea associated papilla water, usually white color is clear liquid exudation.

cause 4, injured

the impact of an airbag in a traffic accident or the impact of a motion on the breast.

5, cyst

women with breast milk have a nipple discharge that is usually due to a cyst.

cause 6, cystic change

Fibrocystic breast changes

leads to larger chest and fragile, and ooze clear yellow, light green liquid.

cause 7, breast cancer

breast cancer has a low risk of nipple discharge, but nipple discharge is also likely to indicate that breast cancer or invasive breast cancer. If your water is bloody, spontaneous, and only occurs on one side of the breast, you need to consult a doctor in time.

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