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Yiwu integration of 2 billion 500 million funds to support entrepreneurial talent

now society is in an era of entrepreneurship and the country are actively attract people’s entrepreneurial vision in Zhejiang, Yiwu, on the integration of 2 billion 500 million yuan of funds to help some entrepreneurial talent entrepreneurial activity, welcome.

5 million venture fund guide, 2 billion social venture capital, 5 years 50 million Talent Award in Beijing on Friday, Zhongguancun street, angel sinks hit off my most "to start the ceremony, vice mayor of Yiwu He Shaojun has thrown to venture to Yiwu," "bait", the public in Zhongguancun for entrepreneurial talent, let Yiwu "public entrepreneurship, innovation" into a new height.

8 21 launch ceremony, he Shaojun familiar, briefed the guests with Yiwu hit off the legend: not all Liu Pengfei, with 400 yuan to Yiwu, as sales of hundreds of millions of King Street lanterns; Chen Jifang in electronic commerce from the large do, achieved sales of over 100 million yuan, also get the A round of financing; drop out products designed by Cai Kaijian students get German red dot design award.

Mobile phone

"riding friends to carry, after a bumpy mountain road, become charging treasure only bits and pieces, backpack, phone or navigation, the bicycle is not fixed position, no use." Cai Kaijian said.

2014 in the first half, according to the island riding experience, Cai Kaijian began to design a bike rack.

because of innovative ideas and innovative design, in June 29th this year, Cai Kaijian designed the intelligent mobile phone frame from the 5000 entries in engineering innovation talent shows itself, the design community is recommended


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