What are the off-season cigarette sales coup

despite the huge number of smokers in China, however, cigarette sales will still have a weak season. The summer is generally low for the sale of cigarettes, how to make the off-season is not light, do a better job of scientific operation of cigarettes, to ensure that the cigarette business households to achieve good operating results. Two retail customers to sell their cigarette tips to share with you.

owner: Su Fangyu

shop address: Liang Liang,

street, Liang Liang, Suining County, Jiangsu

operating time: 7 years

off-season, hot weather and more rain, as a cigarette retail households, I think the sale of a good cigarette should do the following: 1, to choose the purchase of marketable cigarettes. At the time of ordering, according to the characteristics of the time, the local market, the consumption structure, the customer’s consumption habits, combined with their own business ability to do a good job of cigarette brand choice, thereby reducing the risk of slow-moving brand inventory.

2, off-season cigarettes to be properly preserved. For cigarette business, the off-season period of the year coincided with the high temperature and rainy season, cigarette custody can not be overlooked. Cigarette cutting can not be with some of the volatile substances together, such as oil, camphor balls, etc., these things are easy to produce odor phenomenon, affecting the taste of cigarettes and taste.

3, sales of cigarettes to adhere to the first in first out, the principle of innovation. 4, attention should be paid to guide consumption. Such as the emergence of some of the backlog of cigarettes, it is necessary to take appropriate sales measures, do a good job of publicity and recommendation, the consumption guide. 5, in view of the characteristics of summer rain and so on, to do a good job in the summer of tobacco prevention, stored in a dry place, to avoid moisture.

owner: Li Zhong

store address: Jiangsu province Suining County Zhongshan Road town of


operating time: 10 years

I think the tobacco shop is a window of society, it represents the image of each customer, has a pivotal position. Especially in the cigarette sales in the low season, the reasonable display cigarette cigarette customers, is the premise of stimulating consumption.

a shop like a person’s face, good merchandise display can to store business environment create comfortable atmosphere, easy to read, easy to make customers feel comfortable, to buy the necessary goods. So how to do a good job of cigarette store display, to attract the attention of consumers?

according to the cigarette price display, from high to low or from low to high in order to display, the same grade, with the price of the put together. The advantage of such a display is to allow consumers at a glance, so as to make a clear choice.


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