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Secret the breast of a woman to female health network Dutch act

God created beautiful breasts for women, they should cherish and cherish them, they are not only your proud capital, but also a necessary condition for your health. So you know the 11 Secrets of the breast.

1 women’s breasts average weight of about 500 grams, which contains the body of the fat – 4% – 5%. And the penis, the nipple will be stimulated to erect".

2 average length of female nipples is about 1 cm. At present, most American women’s underwear size is 36C, and 15 years ago is 34B.

3 of newborns born in the first 2 months of lactation will appear in the phenomenon of 5%.

4 women who love to smoke tend to sag because the chemicals in tobacco can make the skin loose.

5 breasts have been changing fat". A 20 year old girl whose breasts are composed mainly of breast, fat and collagen. As the age increases, the mammary glands and collagen atrophy and are replaced by fat.

6 breast cancer prone to suicide. A report in the annals of surgery, said that the increase in women’s risk of suicide is not filled with toxic silicone material in the breast, but the lack of confidence in breast augmentation, prone to depression and other mental problems.

7 some women can orgasm through breast stimulation. According to the American educator Marshall? Miller and Dorian? Silete research, 1% of the women said, let them get to stimulate breast sexual pleasure.

8 left breast bigger. According to a survey of 600 women in the annals of plastic surgery, the left breast is larger than the right, but the difference is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. The size of the two sides of the nipple, the shape is not the same.

9 men can also secrete milk. Spontaneous secretion of milk is very rare in men, but men also have breasts, with the conditions of milk secretion. Some men with cancer need to take estrogen drugs, which can produce side effects that secrete milk.

10 women’s breasts were first noticed by men. Researchers at the University of Victoria in New Zealand found that men were the first to pay attention to women’s breasts, and to stay longer than others.

11 Italy women’s smallest breasts. The survey found that in Europe, British female bust more than half of the D cup. Followed by Denmark, Holland. Italy female bust minimum, 68% per capita in B cup.

The world’s largest

breast woman is Texas Hillary? Hersey, her breasts 9 times, created a shocking 38kkk (bust 185 cm) giant chest.

(internship editor: He Lili)


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