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Nail shop to choose what kind of business model is better

small nail shop, the source continued, but also a lot of business models, and now invest in nail shop to make money? Choose which business model is better? Before choosing, let us first get to know what the common business model.

Manicure store future type two: composite Manicure shop. On the surface of the nail industry is different from the business format and professional nail shop, emphasizing the derivative interests of business format, to provide customers with alternative convenience. It is based on accurate customer positioning and demand analysis, to meet the needs of customers and nail joint, in order to form a business model is different from the same nail shop. Operators use different business forms of customer power, to help customers create the reasons for the shop, that is, the nail at the same time often have extra or unexpected harvest, strengthen and improve customer traffic.

Manicure store future type three: Manicure club membership. In the future, part of the nail shop will be based on the common characteristics of the level of customers, the possibility of demand analysis, the formation of the membership of the business positioning. The level of customers with advanced consumer awareness, focus on the added value of consumption, is a mature consumer groups. They have a certain nail knowledge, pay attention to the brand and the intrinsic quality of the product, not the pursuit of short-term efficacy of the product to high-end products based demands. The implementation of membership of the Manicure body club, monomer size, service projects, investment is high, is very important to the decoration details, on site management said the level of demand is high, the overall quality of employees with high requirements, strict training should be implemented continuously.

Manicure store future type four: family Manicure shop. Family nail shop refers to the office, residential area of 2 – 4 nursing chairs, the appointment of a small scale nail shop, relying on word of mouth to have customers. The staff should have highly skilled Manicure technology, skills, rich experience in product knowledge, Manicure, good customer communication skills, at the same time Manicure shop should have a warm and cordial family and feel fresh and clean environment. It is suitable for the true love of the cause of the nail, is willing to share the experience with the guests of the senior nail division operators, so that customers have a sense of trust.