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Young entrepreneurs need to abandon the mentality

now entrepreneurs have the richest wealth is their young capital, it is also because they are young, so there are some problems, the key things are often easy to ignore, we now look at what to abandon the bad thoughts.

1, larger than the real name. Some entrepreneurs excessive packaging marks at a glance. Integrated all the fallen 80 entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial projects, one of the most important thing in common, that is, the founder does not have a solid, plans to do a lifetime career mentality. Among them, the embodiment of Dong Siyang is particularly evident – it is only a few behind the scenes of the hands of the packaging of a bubble. This is a call for heroes and benchmarking era, but also a theme of the times, so just after the advent of 80 entrepreneurs, it is easy to become the media and even the political concerns of the new star. But when the bubble burst, the myth of the protagonist is out of shape, its fragile and naive but sigh.

2, not enough attention. The vast majority of fallen entrepreneurs, almost all of the mistakes made by the strategic swing. Thanks to the rise of the new economy, the Internet offers unlimited possibilities. The flexibility of the 80 entrepreneurs, in a situation, it is easy to fall into the following errors. The rise of the Web2.0, they put on the 2 label; SNS rise, they put on the concept of making friends; blog flourished, they immediately killed into; video rise, they decided to do something…… Who knows, they may not be with the wind, is lonely. The problem is that most successful people are lonely. Now all of a benchmark for the performance of the company, which is not more than 10 years, and some of them, to the past ninth years, is still a question of being lonely lord.

4, improper strategy. After a lot of 80 entrepreneurs on the sea is difficult to estimate the lack of adequate preparation, they should not enter the market. In consideration of market entry, in general should pay attention to three points: first, the market capacity and commercial value should be large enough; second, to form a first mover advantage and barriers, to maintain the top three position in the industry; third, wary of powerful giants in the market waiting for look at fiercely as a tiger does, in order to implement the strategy of catching the catch up from behind.

all down to earth, dedicated to doing that with your clever mind, will not do.

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