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What business should pay attention to the Pandian trap

We all know that

in the whole process of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship preparatory work is a very important link, at the same time, for many novice entrepreneurs who, when ready to shop, choose the way you can quickly start count.

Pandian is a shortcut for entrepreneurship, from scratch, someone has done for you, as long as a little decoration can be modified when the boss, can save a lot of spending cuts and shop shop before the preparation period, therefore, it has become one of the pioneering family favorite venture way. But many entrepreneurs in the Pandian process often encounter various traps. You have countless Pandian risk, must keep their eyes open.

may transfer to some real excuse to explain the reasons for the transfer of stores, such as physical discomfort, such as moving, immigrant rhetoric. So, in the count time, you must carefully scrutinize whether there are any other business reasons. Want to sell up to many people from the industry of careful analysis.

Pay attention to whether the crisis of


light to shop the financial statements is not enough to understand the industry trend. Perhaps the store still has a handsome surplus, but in fact it is on the decline, there is no prospect. These people are very familiar with the transfer of the industry, found signs are not ready to flee, so it is still in the shop when the shop will turn out the peak. This inventory trap is the layman is difficult to detect, so count before should pay special attention to, not only see the surface of prosperity was heartache.

Business shop on the surface of

some looks good, every day to shop guests is also considerable, store location is also quite good, but there are still people who want to turn out in this shop, reasons can explain may be a problem in the rent. Because, such a gold store has a very high rent, often earn more than half of the money to pay rent. There is no natural transfer of profits. In addition, the count before investors must confirm with the landlord, the lease, whether the conditions continue, business registration, electricity, telephone and other daily equipment store owner shall assist the person in charge of the replacement please transfer.

store itself in poor physical condition

many shop although the location is good, but the lack of business uniqueness, if such a store plate down, the same business model continues, it is difficult to escape the fate of the closed shop one way, unless you put it back into a new business model, or even cheaper also do not recommend its disk.

problems of human resources.


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