The two innovation of entrepreneurs

failed to start a business is also a harvest, a lot of successful entrepreneurs have a lot of failure experience, it is the accumulation of these experiences, can bring the success. Of course, the two entrepreneurs will understand the importance of innovation!

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is located in Taiyuan high tech Zone of Shanxi hi tech Innovation Service Center, a layer built the business service hall, to provide business consulting and training services for entrepreneurs, dozens of entrepreneurial agency, the government plans to declare the innovation of science and technology, professional technical support, such as the 6 major science and technology financial service system, provide a full range of the growth of the whole process of enterprise services and solve the problem of consultation and guidance. In addition, the opening of the exhibition hall, a guest cafe, professional and thoughtful environment to attract a large number of entrepreneurs.

1 26, when reporters visited, Shanxi Information Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Dong Jinhui is affected by more than 20 guests invited to the exchange of Shanxi Province Institute of scientific research enthusiasm about his entrepreneurial projects.

Dong Jinhui introduced projects related to people’s Daily "food and drink", one is for the large O2O business platform in the high-end catering enterprises launched easy dining, providing intelligent water machine project "Yishui incense two is concerned about the safety of drinking water". It can be said that these projects will be "Internet plus" extends to the industry, agriculture and service industry three.


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