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30% female breast disease and abortion related! ‘s health network

newspaper every year in October was designated as the world’s breast cancer prevention month". According to incomplete statistics, 10 years ago, the incidence of breast cancer is about 50/100000, and now China’s economically developed coastal regions of the incidence of breast cancer has soared to one percent. The Nanjing Maternity and Child Care Center breast surgery department data show that last year the admissions of patients with breast cancer patients about 700 people, the cure rate reached 92.4%. Experts remind that breast disease is a endocrine related diseases, people’s depression and the flow of people caused by endocrine disorders, are likely to induce breast disease.

The pathogenic factors of

breast disease diversity, which is derived from the work and life pressures caused by negative, anxiety, depression and other psychological factors will also affect the health of the breast. Nanjing Maternity and Child Care Center, director of the Department of breast Lu Cheng introduction, emotional and physical changes are closely related, it is obvious or small behavior can affect human health. Changes in mood affect endocrine function, resulting in endocrine disorders, resulting in uncontrolled cell division, the occurrence of cancer. Long-term depression, mental stimulation and other adverse factors will severely inhibit ovulation, the brain dysfunction, decreased immunity, more cancer.

need to be reminded that, in addition to repeated abortion women will increase the vagina, uterus, pelvic diseases, 30% of breast disease is associated with frequent abortion. Pregnant women in vivo estrogen and progesterone increased dramatically, the artificial abortion after termination of pregnancy, the hormone levels plummet, ready to just development lactation breast growth stopped, acinar decrescent disappear, breast reduction. However, this recovery is not complete, easy to induce lobular hyperplasia of the breast. So scientific contraception is particularly important, so as to reduce the damage to the uterus, but also to protect the breast.

Lu Cheng, director of the study, said that most studies have shown that women with self testing habits, the risk of breast disease is far lower than others. Even if there is an exception, because it can be found in the first time, the treatment effect is very good, can easily restore the risk of loss of life is higher.

how do you check yourself first, once a day, before the bath in front of the mirror check. See whether there is abnormal bilateral breast, nipple whether there is depression or overflow. Second, once a month, after a week of self examination. Because the breast is affected by the menstrual cycle of the organ, menstruation after the end of the week is a good time for self-examination. The method is as follows: the lateral, placing a pillow under the right shoulder, three middle finger to press up and down direction to draw a small circle squeeze action to check the right breast, repeat for the side. Finally, once a year, a professional doctor of breast examination, a week after menstruation you go to the hospital for accurate examination, found that the timely treatment of lesions is the best way to overcome the disease.

(internship editor: Kuang Yanming)


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