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Sichuan suburban counties to take measures to promote entrepreneurship

in modern society, entrepreneurship has not only a private thing, entrepreneurship is a government thing at the same time, because in many places, the government departments are actively trying every way to help people start.

7 22, entrepreneurship Tianfu · Jing Rong Chong will be held in Qionglai. A series of hot topics: how to enter the capital market? What is the trapezoid financing model? As a native of Qionglai, a new generation of entrepreneurs, Liao Lin for the first time to participate in such a brainstorming meeting, the feeling of vision". Liao Lin think, public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation in the outer suburbs of Qionglai County, entrepreneurial boom is gradually warming. But compared to the technical flow, capital flow, the flow of talent is highly concentrated in the main city of Chengdu, there is still a gap.

is the same business, such as Qionglai Chengdu suburbs, in the end what difference?

information channels is missing here lack of market partners


facing entrepreneurs confusion, deputy director of the Qionglai Municipal Economic and Information Technology Bureau Wang Dingqing with a series of "Qionglai" to give us encouragement.


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