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Take charge of goods to adjust store performance can be improved

Now a lot of

shop operated by the "master goods" is a long time will not change, although the shop customers are familiar with, but the store also not "fresh sense", at the same time, because many shops "headed goods" are similar, resulting in the competition between each other is natural very fierce, this long-term development shops will naturally very unfavorable.

my shop is located in the vicinity of the people’s Hospital, but also the most popular retail shops. The homogenization of the market is now a serious phenomenon, the size of several shops around me, almost even the type of business is almost the same, so the competition is very fierce. Not long ago, there are two shops in order to compete for tourists, privately selling cigarettes, mutual slander, speak ill of each other, and finally started to play up, alerted the 110 police involved in mediation.

in fact, shop business was originally simple business customers to buy their goods with specific values, mainly through the comparison of the result of choice, as long as we shop than other shops near the service to do a little bit better, merchandise differences and special color, can win customers, improve the shop business performance. My experience is: according to the seasonal changes in different periods and customer demand, timely adjustment of the shop "masters" of goods will be able to attract tourists, do not short off-season, turnover and profit shop basic can steadily.

how to find the store’s main products? If you carefully analyze the sales trend of store goods, you will find that in a particular period, there are a number of goods sold in particular, these best-selling goods is the shop’s "master" commodity. Each year into the summer, my shop’s "home" products are cold drinks and iced beer. I deliberately put freezer new additions in front of the store location, hot weather, people in a hurry to depart, customers buy cold drinks are often by the way things, put freezer in the door, can be more convenient for customers to take.

this spring, near the shop opened a new car repair shop, observe the arrival of the store to buy cigarettes increased the number of customers, so, this summer, I put the cigarette as a long term shop owner. I ordered two new cigarette display cabinets, the store also increased to more than and 50 kinds of cigarettes. Packaging delicate beautiful cigarette was in accordance with the price from low to high order, neatly placed in the cigarette cabinet inside, it is to attract the attention of customers.

in addition to the nearby old customers, car repair shop and the repair of the car repair drivers who have become regulars in my shop. In May this year, tobacco companies’s account manager Liu recommended to me a new cigarette containing Mint ingredients, golden leaf (Shang Ku), the other shop owners are hesitant to purchase orders.

I saw this "golden leaf (Shang Ku)" cigarette >


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