Why cigarette prices are uncertain

The policy of

cigarette market is changing constantly, and the price is changing constantly. Not only the consumers do not know the selling price of cigarettes, but even the operators can’t be sure. Because of this, the current retail price of cigarettes showed polarization phenomenon, and some real estate brand is still popular, the price is relatively strong, some second tier brands, the price of some micro, but has little effect on retail. However, some of the original market acceptance of the brand is not high, in this period of performance is a bit disappointing. Is the price to sell, but also presents the phenomenon of price without the city, basically no one cares.

one is the impact of strong brands. Needless to say, a strong brand or the biggest source of profit of the retail store, its high degree of recognition, the market is large, fast turnover, is the store’s hard currency". However, these advantages of resources, after all, is limited, and sometimes save to sell, so, it will also be a part of the loss of consumers, is not in the sense of making money.


, in a period of time, due to cigarette sales decline, in order to complete its cigarette sales plan, simply in order to increase the sales volume and the number of some units on selling brand is too large, have a certain impact on the retail price. Some retail customers, although the retail price in place, but for the entire purchase of customers, the retail price of the in place rate is getting lower and lower, to some extent, also affected the retail customer’s income. For example, the Chinese cigarette before either zero or the entire retail price, now if the whole purchase, retail customers will have a certain discount. Why? Market supply is sufficient, you do not sell, so someone selling.

two is a constant source of supply. Constant sales of goods accounted for more than 40% of the total sales of cigarettes, as a substitute for tight supply of goods, often selling brands in general relatively abundant supply, less to take the initiative to plan supply. Therefore, to some extent, it also takes a certain profit share.

either tight or regular sales of goods, the price of zero package sales can be put in place, but to the entire purchase, often sell and tight difference is very large, and its interests can reach half of the retail price is good. Why? Many retail customers are small profits and quick turnover, and this kind of supply almost every retail store, competition is relatively intense. In particular, some acquaintances business community stores, convenience stores, in order to repeat business, earn less.

three is not recognized by the market brand. Some people will say, since the market acceptance is not high, there is no market price, retail customers why, they are too stupid or not? In fact, the latter accounted for the majority. Sometimes in order to get more profit, or in order to complete the sales plan, last ditch.

, however, this type of retail customers know that the purchase is not a home market, in order to return the funds, they will be entrusted to sell acquaintances, on the one hand


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