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ntroduction of nine flavor steamed stuffed buns

steamed stuffed bun, the traditional breakfast, there has been such a long time, ask you to feel what it is, you must not Hot pot as a great feeling, but there is a saying that: because there is no feeling is the most powerful, because people have no feeling, this is already the steamed stuffed bun into an important symbol of people’s life, the steamed stuffed bun has no need what special features to decorate it, it only needs to use the most mellow taste can capture the hearts of all. Nine delicious dumplings in fully retained the traditional Dan Bao P Bo, depression, etc. on the basis of the soup filling, to solve the traditional soup dumplings taste greasy, skin elasticity, soft waxy defects without chewing feeling, make the customer satisfied, and become a long-term and stable return.

Introduction of

nine flavor steamed stuffed bun

The main characteristics of

products: fresh meat juice, beef vermicelli packages, beans meat dumplings, green peppers, celery meat buns, meat buns, meat buns cabbage, leek and egg, cucumber seafood package, spicy tofu, minced chicken letinous edodes bag, letinous edodes green package, pickled meat dumplings, radish, fresh beef soup. Shrimp meat dumplings, duck’s egg yellow meat package, southern flavor: corn meat package, horse meat package, taro bun, letinous edodes crystal cabbage bag, bag and so on, Jiangnan dumplings, Pan-Fried Baozi Stuffed with Pork and dozens of varieties is very popular in the national market.

grain is now grinding soybean milk series: jujube milk, peanut milk, three black soybean milk, soybean milk, bean milk, mung bean milk, milk, soy milk, etc..

nine Wei Xiang headquarters will regularly launch new products introduction of R & D fillings, and new Soybean Milk series is not regularly provided free of charge to the franchisee, the franchisee in order in the local market competitive force.


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