nvest in stationery store to make money

summer vacation again, although the children in the school to learn to come to an end, but a variety of summer classes also gradually hot up. So do stationery business, choose this opportunity, is the best choice. Is there any prospect for the investment of stationery items?

stationery projects favored by investors, many investors want to invest in office stationery to join the good investment projects, the premise of continuous development in today’s market, a good investment project is the premise of making money, stationery stores, so we have chosen to join the project investment stationery.

especially school equipment procurement season, major shopping malls, supermarkets, stationery counters, digital products area everywhere shaking students and parents of the figure, the business is hot.

by opening opportunities, many shopping malls, stationery stores are playing the sale of advertising to attract the student customers. Stationery stores, the reporter visited the major supermarkets found that almost all supermarket stationery counters are early ready goods, the layout of the eye-catching banners, also want to use to buy one get one free, exercise books and pens and other stationery sales discounts to mix.

"mobile phone, MP4, digital camera, notebook computer to buy all ten thousand yuan stationery stores, but these products have become the basic necessities of quasi enrollment of College students." Suning Appliance sales staff told reporters that in recent days is a prospective college students to buy digital products, hot season, digital product sales have greatly improved.



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