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What are the procedures for the examination and approval of the snack bar

this year, the snack business is getting better and better, many entrepreneurs have set foot on the road to start a snack bar. Is it easy to open a snack bar? What approval procedures are needed? On this issue, the following has done a good answer, entrepreneurs can seriously read.

application for a restaurant need pre-approval, that is to get a business license in the business sector, must first obtain health permits and environmental protection departments of the sewage permit.

What are the

in the decision to rent a shop or a decoration, it is best to consult the environmental protection department. For example, some shop owners in the shop decoration, smoke or kitchen window just behind the alignment of the household, even if management did not know, the residents will still go to complain, finally often have to spend money on adjustment.

What are the

What are the

: tax registration within 30 days from the date of receiving the business license, to local tax bureau to apply for tax registration. With a copy of the business license and a copy of the operator’s identity card. Individual industrial and commercial households opened a small restaurant, to pay 5% of the sales tax. In addition to the urban construction tax, education surcharge, the tax is 11% of the sales tax, as well as some of the other taxes, the share of


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