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ntroduction of Zhou Yu’s chafing dish project

hot pot project to join the small and medium-sized individuals are more optimistic about a brand is Zhou Yu hotpot, so here we recommend this project. Throughout the development of Zhou Yu hotpot so many years, its brand value and strength far beyond your imagination. Today, Zhou Yu hot pot hot investment, the opportunity to get rich in your eyes, choose to invest in Zhou Yu, it is equivalent to the success of choice. The initial investors involved in Hot pot industry, in Zhou Yu Fu Hot pot stores before, in order to win wealth, to choose a good location for the. Next, let’s talk about this problem!

, according to Zhou Yu hotpot introduction, if the store is located in the area of the resident population is small, and the floating population is not much, then the lack of popularity, it is difficult to form a relatively stable consumer groups. In addition, if the shop is blocked by the building, the visibility will be reduced, visitors will naturally weaken. Therefore, the opening of the week can not be at the entrance of the fish shop in front of the tree body stout leafy trees, the air will not flow, once the thunderstorm days there will be a risk of electric shock.

at present, more than a dozen square meters of small shops are sought after, so the rent has gone up, and one hundred or two hundred square meters of large shops but because of sluggish rent and the price does not fall. In this case, suggested several entrepreneurs to group rental cheap way to "eat" the big shops, and then divided, looking down can save a lot of cost. When the opening of the week to join the hot pot restaurant location, need to pay attention to the rental price. Different geographical conditions, traffic conditions, the store structure of the building, there will be a lot of rent, sometimes even more than ten times. "Rent" economic benefits.

in the week before the opening of the hot pot restaurant, do a good job shop choice is very important. Visible, investors in the shop to do a good job in the early market research, can greatly reduce the risk of investment, but also to lay the foundation for the continued profitability of the store, select the location is the beginning of successful operation.


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